NAPAS Honored HDBank as the Leading Organization in the Rate of Growth of NAPAS 247 Transaction Volumes

HDBank led the network in the growth rate of 126.24% in NAPAS 247 transaction volumes in 2023. At the recent Napas Member Organizations Conference, HDBank was awarded the "Outstanding Bank in NAPAS 247 Growth Rate " by National Payment Corporation of Viet

Mr. Do Van Vu - Deputy Director of Card Center representing the bank to receive the award at the Conference.
Mr. Do Van Vu - Deputy Director of Card Center representing the bank to receive the award at the Conference.

The award was presented to HDBank for its NAPAS 247 transactions growth rate of 126.4 % as tranfering bank. The award "Outstanding Bank in NAPAS 247 Growth Rate " from NAPAS reaffirms HDBank's market leading position in developing diverse payment methods and operational efficiency in transaction channels.

The award is a recognition of HDBank's contribution to the country's entire payment network, promoting non-cash payment according to the overall direction of the Government and the State Bank. This also serves as a motivation for HDBank to continue developing more convenient payment products and services for users.

Quảng cáo

NAPAS FastFund 24/7 is a service provided by NAPAS to member vanks, payment intermediaries, and money transfer service providers, thereby allowing customers of member organizations to use cards or bank accounts to transfer money and receive money in real-time by payment instruments such as cards, bank accounts, VietQR, phone numbers, ect. and transaction channels namely Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM, transaction counters.

HDBank was honored for its NAPAS 247 transaction growth rate.

According to the statistics from Napas, in 2023 NAPAS FastFund 24/7 transactions has increased by 62% in quantity and 13% in value, respectively. This indicates an increasing preference and frequent usage by users for the NAPAS Fast Fund 247 service in daily spending and payments, focusing on transactions with small values, spanning urban to rural areas, from restaurants to supermarkets and local markets.

In the atmosphere of year-end shopping season, HDBank NAPAS launches many attractive promotion programs such as "Swipe for 1 million off" at PNJ; Swipe for a 15% Discount at Li-Ning sportswear etc.

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