“Amazon Week 2022: Cross-border e-commerce Summit” Arrives HCMC

Amazon Week 2022 will broaden the agenda to unlock Vietnamese potentialities by announcing top potential product categories for online export and unveiling key success drivers for Made-in-Vietnam to expand to global markets, and build global brands on Amazon.
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Following the successful two-day event in Hanoi, the big-scale cross-border e-commerce event Amazon Week 2022 continues in Ho Chi Minh City, keeps inspiring and empowering local businesses with global business potentialities. With the theme of “Dare to Dream Big – Bringing ‘Made-in-Vietnam’ to the global map”, Amazon Week 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City showcases and recognizes the trailblazer Vietnamese brands who take advantage of online export and unfold top key success drivers for Made-in-Vietnam to conquer international customers.

In Hanoi, Amazon Week 2022 took place on October 27-28, marking an industry-wide event in the field of cross-border e-commerce. It reported the presence of 1,500 attendees, including representatives of government agencies, industry associations, entrepreneurship mentors, top Vietnamese selling partners, and thousands of Vietnamese enterprises including manufacturers, brand owners, and startups across industries with different business types and scales nationwide. The event provided informative and updated insights, trends, and knowledge about cross-border e-commerce, as well as the chance to network and get on-site direct consultations by Amazon experts.

Heading to Ho Chi Minh City, Amazon Week 2022 will broaden the agenda to unlock Vietnamese potentialities by announcing top potential product categories for online export and unveiling key success drivers for Made-in-Vietnam to expand to global markets, and build global brands on Amazon.

In addition, through the “Proud of Vietnam” campaign with a series of activities, including “Round of Vietnam” exhibition at the event, a roundtable with inspiring success stories sharing, and a documentary film series launching, Amazon Week 2022 features and honors “Proud of Vietnam” brands who capture cross-border e-commerce opportunity to build up global successful businesses, thus inspiring and fuelling the flywheel for Vietnam online export.

Top Potential Product Categories for Made-in-Vietnam go global in 2023

During the years of the pandemic, there have been changes in the consumer’s shopping behaviors as well as the best-selling products categories on Amazon stores. These product selection trends also reflect in the 2022 Top 5 categories for Vietnamese selling partners selling on Amazon which are Kitchen, Home, Apparel, Health & Personal Care, and Home Improvement. Looking ahead to 2023, Amazon Global Selling unveils highlighted product categories that continuously poss strong growth trends in recent years that are expected to be the potential categories for Vietnamese businesses to discover and succeed:

● Home Decor & Furniture: The need to better decorate living spaces has been growing since the pandemic lockdown when people are required to stay, live, and work at home. As a result, Home Decor & Furniture has been on the list of best-selling products of Vietnamese sellers in Amazon stores for two consecutive years and is expected to keep increasing.

● Apparel & Accessories: As the new normal sets in, people resume their daily activities. Travel and excursions are now more favorable than ever, posing a stronger need for clothing and accessories. Vietnamese retailers' beachwear, streetwear, and loungewear are huge and expected-to-foster sellers on Amazon.

● Groceries: Online shopping category has broadened to necessities, daily-consumed goods, food, drinks & personal hygiene. Moreover, more people are buying online products that are intended to improve health or serve picnics. The growing awareness of healthy, convenient lifestyles has made space for these groceries to move digital.

● Gifts: Mental health has been more valued since the epidemic, and consumers opt to cultivate the quality of this aspect by giving each other presents. As a result, gifts are progressively becoming essential commodities, allowing Vietnamese enterprises to actively engage in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Launchpad for Vietnamese businesses to export online successfully

During Amazon Week 2022 in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City, Amazon Global Selling Vietnam announces their key missions in 2023 to fuel the flywheel for Vietnam online export in golden time in many aspects including 1) Boost awareness and readiness of cross-border e-commerce in Vietnam, 2) Encourage to Build more global brands for Made-in-Vietnam, 3) Help selling partner achieve global expansion with logistics support, 4) Improve Selling Partner Experience & 5) Contribute for sustainable growth of Vietnamese entrepreneur community.

In addition, to help Vietnamese businesses either start selling on Amazon or grow their business through cross-border e-commerce, Amazon Global Selling Vietnam designs a recommended launchpad plan in which selling partners can make the best use of their first 90 days to have good preparation and readiness to unlock their potentiality in this challenging playground.

This launchpad plan is a comprehensive recommendation that covers 4 phases that selling partners go through in their Selling on Amazon journey:

● Phase 1: Learn about the business model of cross-border e-commerce & how “Selling on Amazon” works.

● Phase 2: Research and decide on the product category and marketplace to sell, learn about logistics and payment, and start registration for accounts and brands (if any).

● Phase 3: Start to sell, Fulfill the orders, and Raise awareness for products & brands through promotions, advertising, and branding tools.

● Phase 4: Optimize the business performance by managing inventory, maintaining good account health, optimizing promotions, advertising campaigns, and building international brands for their businesses.

These recommendations and guidelines are integrated into Seller University educational content that has been published on the website, Seller Central, YouTube channel of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam.

Stories of “Proud of Vietnam” Go Global

In the chain of the national Amazon Week, a series of activities to honor and portray Vietnamese selling partners across different industries embracing cross-border e-commerce to navigate through challenging years have been rolled out, including the “Proud of Vietnam Go-Global" on-site exhibition, “Proud of Vietnam” panel discussion on stage, “Proud of Vietnam” documentary videos launching.

For long-lasting traditional brands and manufacturers: setting sail to become a worldwide brand has been a widespread movement for Vietnamese companies and cross-border e-commerce is a game-changer. For example, already successfully established a strong position in the appliances industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, SUNHOUSE, with a line of household products, modern technology, exquisite aesthetics, and reasonable prices, has boldly transformed, becoming one of the first Vietnamese homeS & kitchen appliances brands to participate in cross-border e-commerce.

Similarly, LAFOOCO is a perfect example of a company that sees Amazon as a chance to increase its visibility in the worldwide market. By adjusting to consumer tastes and moving to organic product lines, LAFOOCO has aggressively transformed the traditional style of farming to get to the top 100 Cashews on the Amazon US store. That’s how LAFOOCO has made its way across the world and unfolded a new chapter in Vietnam's agriculture.

For dynamic and competent entrepreneurs or start-ups owning a big dream of exporting online: E-commerce is a horsepower, namely the rattan ChicnChill furniture business. Never on-board an e-commerce platform before, ChicnChill manages to generate a revenue breakthrough, and promote Vietnamese values and cultural identity to the globe. Meanwhile, the sailing of "green" plastic, the ambition of sustainable growth, the vision to elevate contemporary plastics in Vietnam, and the capturing of cross-border e-commerce opportunities by AnEco serve as an immense source of inspiration for Vietnamese businesses that are ready to take a chance and become the next online export leaders.

Chief Marketing Officer of SUNHOUSE, Mr. Lê Tùng, shared “It will take a corporation several years to learn about a market on its own. On the other hand, your path to globalization would be greatly hastened if you join international e-commerce platforms like Amazon. It serves as a “go-global passport” for local brands like SUNHOUSE. In light of that, I dare to state that the 4.0 era expands the world and presents various opportunities. The question is whether we have the courage to take advantage of those prospects with Amazon?”

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